FeedMe: A 4-in-1 App Idea for Healthy Religious Eating, Delivery & Travel

Does this sound familiar?

You’re hungry and you want to eat badly.

The only problem is you can’t find any local places for food because guess what, you’re on a halal/kosher diet!

Not all those restaurants you crave out there serve halal/kosher food.

And although the halal/kosher market is growing, supply isn’t catching up.

To make things worse, there aren’t any decent apps out there that can help with finding and ordering halal/kosher food. So, I’ve thought of something that can solve this problem.

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4 Ways Business People Can Use Wakelet for Marketing


Not another social platform!

Or at least that’s what I first thought when the founder of Wakelet jumped into the lecture theater to give us a “quick” overview about Wakelet.

I don’t like social media, I hate boring lectures and the last thing I needed was this.

It wasn’t until a few minutes passed and I was totally hooked!

I thought, this guy might be onto something.

As business people, bloggers and travellers, we tend to create a reasonable amount of content and we’re always looking for ways to promote our businesses.

Wakelet is still ripe. It’s growing and you’ll have to push with the crowd if you leave this for later. In fact, If you’re reading this in a year other than 2017… then you’re late.

Read on.

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25 Lazy Killer Quotes from the Anonymous World

You struggle with staying motivated and wonder if you’re the only one with this problem or is everyone same?

Good news for you, you’re not alone.

All you need is a dose of daily inspiration to keep you going.

Easy and simple, nothing to worry about.

Here’s a list of quotes from the anonymous world that will recharge your inspiration battery and give you Goosebumps at the same time.Read More »

Best 3 Writing Courses For People Who Want to Make Money Writing

If you want to become a freelance writer then these courses are for you.

If you want to sell your own products or services then these courses are for you.

If you want to sell other people’s products or services then these courses are for you too.

In fact, if you want to get a chance of making a lot money online you need to know how to sell your ideas.

All of these courses use some sort of copywriting knowledge one way or another.

For those who don’t know what copywriting is. Copywriting is sales in print.

Hey wait, I don’t want to be no sleazy salesperson. Don’t worry you won’t. Copywriting isn’t like that at all. In fact, the first rule of Copywriting is to write in a conversational tone.

Anyway, without further ado here are the best 3 writing courses in my opinion…

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Self Development Through YouTube

Get Smarter on Youtube

In my last post, I said that I would be publishing a list of youtube channels that offer useful information that can help get you smarter everyday. If you were to take out less than 5 minutes each day to watch one educational youtube video, you could improve by an average of 1% daily (if you learnt something from the video). Doing this on a regular basis will result in even higher results in self development since there are 365 days in a year. If  you were to do this everyday then you would be 365% better that what you were last year! Read More »

Harms of Sitting for too long

Can Sitting for Long Kill You?

For the past year I have been sitting for most of my days on a sofa infront of my laptop screen or staring out of the window. Although I did learn a lot of stuff online, I did much harm to my body as I sat down eating those chocolate muffins and croissants.

See For Yourself

Sitting too much is so harmful that even if you do exercise daily, it can still harm you. You need to understand that your body is meant to be active.Read More »

6 Tips on Building a Successful Instagram Account

For the past 2 months, I have been working on my new startup called Foolishness File and I have found out that the best social media platform is Instagram.

But why?

Because the engagment is really high compared to the other social media platforms, you are able to get more likes, follows and comments (even more than Facebook and twitter). Don’t believe me? Head over to the social media pages on Foolishness File and compare them yourself.Read More »

Warren Buffett’s Investing Secret


Warren buffet was taught by Benjamin Graham, the author of the intelligent investor and the father of value investing. He was and still is Buffett’s idol.

Benjamin Graham taught the ‘value’ investing which is investing in a ‘valuable’ business at a low cost. But, this is not what Warren Buffett applied to become the successful investor he is today.

The secret is to his success is…Read More »